With its crisp white walls, oak beams and rooms full of light, Fulbrook is the perfect backdrop to exhibit artwork.

This November, the exhibition will show small paintings, sculptures, ceramics, basketry and for the first time, jewellery. 

The gallery will be open 1030am - 5pm. Items may be taken at time of purchase.

Lia Melia

Lia Melia has successfully exhibited her paintings and jewellery at Fulbrook before and returns to us this time with her wonderful light boxes. These enhance her smaller abstract paintings.

 Jo Mills

Jo’s beautiful hand-made willow bags and baskets are little works of art. No two are the same as Jo weaves the many different willow colours together.

Pamela Schlonberg

Pamela’s work has been exhibited in many exhibition venues throughout the UK, France and Germany. Ancient pots and artifacts directly influence her work. She looks at historical ceramics and glass, armour, weapons and Egyptian sarcophagus to create her individual ceramic designs. The is a member of the Suffolk Craft Society and a Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

Mark Reed

Mark excels in showing the mechanics of natural forms using bronze, forged steel, or aluminium sculpture. 


18th & 19th November 2017

Mo Derome

Mo's special interest is people and places, her work is a mix. She immerses herself in nature and cafe culture, painting "en plein air". She also loves the traditional imaginative world of fairy tales and stories interpreted in a variety of media: especially watercolour and oil.